How Do You Repair Water Leaks in an RV Travel Trailer?

Fixing water leaks in an RV travel trailer entails identifying the source of the leak, inspecting all the seams and replacing cracked and broken light lenses. Repair jobs involve getting rid of cracked and dried putty and replacing delaminated ceilings

Water leakages lessen the value of RV travel trailers. Water leaks may trigger costly damages, such as wood decay, buckling walls and delaminating ceilings. Routinely inspecting the RV travel trailer prior to each trip limits the odds of water leaking through the frames.

Identify the source of the leak. This can be done by assessing areas through which water can leak, such as vents, doors, windows, access panels, fans and lights. Inspect seams, which join the roof and walls.

Warping and bulging are indications that water is leaking into the RV travel trailer.

Because water leaks can occur at the rear of lighting units, replace cracked, broken and chipped light lenses. Before replacing the lenses, use silicone to seal the unit. This helps prevent future leaks.

If there are fixtures on the roof, look for signs of chipped or dried putty. Using a putty knife, scrape off the dried putty, and replace it with silicone sealant.

Replace damaged walls and ceilings. Luan wood is an excellent replacement for delaminated ceilings and walls.