How Do You Repair a Trunk Latch?

To repair the trunk latch of a vehicle, open the trunk manually and inspect the latch mechanism to identify any parts that are broken. Additionally, clean any debris accumulated on the mechanism and lubricate its gears and hinges.

To repair the trunk latch of a vehicle, first open the trunk using the remote control. If this does not work, use the trunk's key to open it.

Alternatively, check the owner's manual to see if the vehicle has a release mechanism for the trunk latch. For example, in a minivan it is located under the trim panel on the luggage area's inner side. If needed, take the back seat of the vehicle out to access the mechanism. Once located, pull the mechanism to manually open the trunk.

If any parts are found to be broken in the latch mechanism of the trunk, get them replaced by a mechanic or at the dealership store. If any dirt is accumulated on the latch mechanism, clean it by spraying compressed air.

To lubricate the gears, use lubricating oil, and for the hinges, use lithium grease. After lubricating the gears and hinges, allow the oil or the grease to coat over the moving parts by opening and closing the latch mechanism, using the trunk's key.