How Do You Repair a Trailer Axle?

How Do You Repair a Trailer Axle?

To repair a trailer axle, it must be completely replaced by lifting the trailer, removing the U-bolt mounting hardware and leaf springs and dropping the axle. The process is fairly simple to complete and requires a basic set of hand tools.

Before replacing the axle, be sure to inspect and mark off any of the electrical wiring. If the wiring itself is routed over the axle, remove it. Use the following instructions to replace an axle on a trailer.

  1. Lift the trailer
  2. Use either a jack or a set of ramps to lift the trailer up into the air. Place two jack stands on either side of the hubs and secure it in place.

  3. Lubricate the hardware
  4. Unless the trailer is fairly new, there will most likely be some corrosion and rust on the parts. So, take some penetrating oil and liberally spray the axle U-bolt and shackle plate bolts.

  5. Remove the shackle plate bolt
  6. Locate the shackle plate bolt, which connects the leaf spring brake to the chassis of the trailer.

  7. Remove the U-bolt
  8. Next, remove the U-bolt nuts that hold the axle to leaf spring. Do this for both sides of the axle.

  9. Replace the axle
  10. Drop the axle down and replace it. Install the U-bolt brackets and leaf springs and lower the trailer.