How Do You Repair Star Chips in Auto Glass?


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To repair chipped auto glass, clean the area around the break with rubbing alcohol, remove loose pieces of glass, and center the doughnut-shaped adhesive pad around the chip. Install the pedestal on the adhesive pad, pour the resin into the pedestal, and install the syringe in the pedestal. Pull the syringe plunger back, and press the plunger down after 10 minutes. After 20 minutes, remove the pedestal and adhesive, and place resin and the provided plastic on the chip.

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Press the adhesive pad down firmly to ensure resin doesn't leak around the edges of the pad, and protect the surrounding areas with paper towels. When installing the pedestal for the syringe, place the pedestal so it is straight up from the glass, and pour approximately three-fourths of the resin into the pedestal.

Install the syringe by pressing it all the way down into the pedestal with the plunger in, and pull the plunger out to remove air bubbles in the resin. Press the plunger in after 10 minutes.

Allow the plunger to remain depressed for 20 minutes before using the provided razor to remove the pedestal and adhesive. With the vehicle in direct sunlight, pour several drops of resin in the center of the repaired area, place the square piece of plastic in the repair kit over the resin, and allow the resin to harden for up to one hour before removing the plastic with the provided razor.

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