How Do You Repair a Snow Plow?


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To repair a snow plow with a motor that doesn't operate, determine if there's power going to the motor, motor solenoid and raise switch. Replace any part that is receiving power but not working. Snow plow repair methods vary based on the model and issue.

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Check the snow plow manufacturer's website for specific troubleshooting information. Some companies, like Meyers, offer an interactive program to help diagnose problems and a flow chart. If the snow plow needs a new part, those may also be available on the manufacturer's website. To have the snow plow repaired through the manufacturer, check the website for a dealer locator. Contact the nearest dealer to schedule a repair.

If the motor on a snow plow operates but the plow doesn't raise, check the oil level. It should be about 1 1/2 inches from the top. Unclog the "A" valve filters if necessary, and make sure the pump shaft and motor armature turn freely. If either doesn't, it must be repaired or replaced. If the plow angles left instead of raising, possible problems include the "B" valve, the "B" valve O-Rings, the "B" valve coils, the harness or the switch.

Kerosene is effective for cleaning snow plow parts and flushing the system, according to the Meyer website. It doesn't damage the O-rings and mixes with oil.

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