How Do You Repair a Seat Belt Retractor at Home?

To repair a seat belt retractor at home, first remove the mounting screws visible on the retractor's cover, below the shoulder mount of the seat belt. Use the appropriate screwdriver, and turn the screws counter clockwise to loosen them. Once removed, take off the cover, setting both the cover and the screws aside in a safe place.

Using adjustable pliers, clamp onto the mounting bolt, and turn the pliers counter clockwise to remove the bolt. Remove the adjuster cover, and then remove the second bolt with the pliers in the same manner as the mounting bolt. Remove the lower section of the belt by the floor using the pliers to remove the mounting bolt.

Grasp the sides of the retractor, and pull it downward to remove it from the open end of the seat belt. Take the seat belt, and place it into a new retractor. Push the retractor back up the belt toward the mounting point. Secure the bottom part of the belt by using the pliers to replace the mounting bolt, turning it clockwise to tighten.

Screw in the retractor adjustment bolt with the pliers, and turn the retractor so it lines up with the mounting bolt hole. Screw the mounting bolt into place. Move the cover into place, and tighten the two mounting screws into the cover using a screwdriver.