How Do You Repair the Seal on a Car Door?


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To repair the seal on a car door, remove any screws or fasteners holding the stripping in place and the old stripping, remove any residual adhesive, clean the area, apply adhesive to the door and the new stripping, and push the stripping into position. Re-install any screws or fasteners.

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Begin the process by removing any screws or fasteners holding the old weather strip in place. Peel away the old stripping, carefully pulling its rubber studs from the holes. For difficult-to-remove stripping, use weather stripping remover to remove the stripping. Remove any residual adhesive, leaving the area clean and free from any debris before putting the new stripping into position.

Size up the new weather stripping, doing a dry fitting before using any adhesive. Once you cut the strip to the proper size, apply a small amount of adhesive on one end of the seal and on the surface of the door at its top corner. Start in the corner, matching up the studs on the strip with the holes in the door. Lightly apply adhesive to the strip and the frame, pushing the weather stripping into position as you work. Avoid stretching the rubber, and make sure to the line the corners up.

Press the strip into position firmly, and then re-install any screws or fasteners removed earlier. Before closing the door, allow the seal the appropriate amount of time to set according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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