How Do You Repair a Scratch or Dent on a Vehicle?

repair-scratch-dent-vehicle Credit: TimEKlein/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

To fix a scratch that shows the primer, use several coats of touch up paint to fill the scratch and then use a very fine sandpaper to make the area smooth. To repair a small dent, pop it out carefully from behind or use a body filler to fill it.

When sanding the scratched area, start with a 400-grit sandpaper before using an 800-grit sandpaper. Wax the area afterward to give it a shiny look. If touch-up paint is necessary, read the manufacturer's manual to find your vehicle's paint code. You can also check the paint code sticker below your vehicle's hood or on the door sill, or ask the original dealer for the information. If the scratched area is bigger, try loading a custom-mixed paint into an aerosol sprayer.

Most dents require filling and repainting. Be patient when repairing a dent, as you need to fix the damaged area repeatedly using body filler. Once you've finished the body repair, you may opt to bring your vehicle to a body shop for a professional paint job.

Fillers and paints can also fix gouges and scrapes. Moreover, home repair is possible for broken tail lights. Many vehicles have tail lights or turn signals that are fairly easy to replace. In many cases, you can order affordable reproduction parts rather than buying new lens at a dealer.