How Do You Repair an RV Toilet?

How Do You Repair an RV Toilet?

Since most RV manufacturers use the same brand of toilet, repair parts are readily available. Gather hand tools, including a socket handle, a 12-inch extension and a 1/2-inch deep-well socket.

  1. Turn off the water

    If you connect your RV to a city water supply, turn off the valve. If it's operating with water stored onboard, turn off the water pump.

  2. Flush the toilet

    Relieve any pressure from the lines by flushing the toilet. Hold the handle down until the bowl empties.

  3. Disconnect the toilet

    Two bolts hold the toilet in place. Access the front bolt by pressing down the foot pedal. Access the rear bolt by removing the access cover and using the socket with the extension. Disconnect the water line.

  4. Remove the toilet

    Lift the toilet out of the RV. Carry it to a nearby workbench to complete the repairs.

  5. Make the repairs

    Follow the directions that come with the repair kit. Pour 1 quart of water into the bowl to test the blade seals before reinstalling the toilet.

  6. Install the toilet

    RV toilets use a rubber ring seal to connect to the water tank. Install the ring, and then install the toilet. Before tightening the bolts, connect the waterline, turn on the water, and pressure test the valve. If the toilet passes the test, tighten the bolts.