How Do You Repair a Run-Flat Tire?


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To repair a run-flat tire, you must first remove the tire from the car and separate the rim. Locate the puncture, and apply a tire mounting lubricant to plug the damage. Materials needed are a car jack or industrial lift, torque wrench, tire seal, tire plug and an automotive lubricant.

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How Do You Repair a Run-Flat Tire?
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Using an industrial lift or a jack, raise the vehicle. Follow the car’s manual to determine the specific place the jack should be located. Use a torque wrench to remove the tire from the car, and then carefully separate the rim from the tire with a monitoring system to prevent damage.

Locate the puncture, and using a solid-edged object, push through the hole to identify the puncture’s contour. Apply the tire mounting lubricant to the puncture in small amounts to plug the damage. From the inside of the tire towards the outside surface, push the plug via the hole until it is a flush with the inner liner of the tire.

Keep the inner liner out of dirt and foreign materials by cleaning it. Put on the tire seal to the inner liner to prevent air from escaping. Fill the tire with air before mounting it back onto the car.

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