How Do You Repair a Pump?


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To repair a pump, park the car, and open the hood. Stop the engine for an hour to allow its bay to cool before removing the pump. To carry out the task, you need a wrench, ratchet water pump gasket and a gasket-making compound.

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Start by locating the water pump along the serpentine drive belt on the crank above the harmonic balancer. To access the water pump, pull the overflow tank upwards along the metal guide track, and loosen the bolts securing it. Remove the belt from around alternator, and use a wrench to turn the idler pulley screw clockwise to allow less tension on the serpentine drive belt. Release the pulley slowly.

Remove the drive belt, then the water pump’s pulley off the unit. Using a ratchet, remove the mounting bolts around the unit and the pump from the engine. Clean the water pump-mounting surface to ensure it is free from old gaskets. To the inner leap of the water pump, apply a new gasket, and line up the newly installed water pump.

On the new pump, install the water pump pulley, and tighten the bolts. Place the belt around the alternator pulley, and slowly release the idler pulley. Examine the coolant levels, and add a coolant if required.

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