How Do You Repair a Power Steering Hose?


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Temporarily fix a broken power steering hose by cutting the damaged portion off with a knife and using hose clamps to secure the hose together. To avoid damaging the hose threading, make sure the hose clamps are not too tight when securing them. Before repairing the hose, check for leaks by opening the hood with the engine still on. After the repair, replace the lost power steering fluid so that it functions properly.

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Leaky power steering hoses must be replaced as soon as possible. To replace a power steering hose, disconnect it from the power steering gear, drain it, loosen the fittings and cap them off on both ends. Remove the power steering hose from the clips holding it to the chassis of the vehicle, and replace the O-rings on the hose. Work backward from here to insert the new hose by first installing it into the clips, attaching it to the fittings and finally connecting it to the gear. Refill the fluid as the last step, and check this hose for leaks as well.

Power steering is a hydraulic system, the pressure of which causes ruptures in the hoses over time. Car care professionals recommend having a mechanic check for leaks or damage regularly.

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