How Do You Repair Your Passenger Side Mirror?


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To repair the passenger side mirror, roll down the car's window, turn its engine off, and remove the mirror attachment of the old mirror. Disconnect any electrical connections, and place the replacement mirror. Then, reconnect the wiring, and screw the attachment into position.

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How Do You Repair Your Passenger Side Mirror?
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If the replacement passenger side mirror is an unpainted one, cover the glass of the mirror with tape and spray paint it to a color that matches with the vehicle's color.

Begin repairing the passenger side mirror by opening the car's window. After turning the engine off, disconnect the negative cable of the car's battery. To remove the mirror attachment, first take out the trim panel of the passenger side door. This gives you access to the attachment. Remove the screws that hold the attachment in place. With a hooked pick, remove the caps of any hidden screws that are usually located further within the door of the vehicle. Remove these screws.

If the mirror is controlled electronically, disconnect the concerned wires. This completely detaches the old mirror. Now, position the new mirror appropriately, and reconnect the wires. Check if it is possible to alter the mirror's position, and replace the screws to fix the mirror attachment in place.

Reconnect the car's battery, and test the functioning of the new passenger side mirror.

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