How Do You Repair a Manifold Leak?

To repair a manifold leak, first examine the engine for other leaks that need repair, remove the manifold, replace the gasket with a new one, and place the manifold back into its original position. Be sure that the manifold is cool before attempting this task.

To check the engine for further leaks, first put on safety gloves, and check the entire manifold area as well as everything else underneath the hood. Using a wrench, loosen and remove the mounting bolts securing the manifold onto the engine cylinder, and pull the manifold from the car, taking care not to completely remove the manifold from the engine compartment to avoid having to disconnect and reconnect the manifold. If the manifold does not come out easily, loosen it by hitting its top with a rubber hammer.

Once the manifold is off, slide the gasket off, gripping it with a rag to prevent it from slipping out of your hand. Examine the entire manifold to ensure that no any other part is damaged. Once you're sure that the other parts are in good working condition, place a new gasket in the place of the old gasket, replace the manifold, and then secure the mounting bolts holding it to the engine cylinder.