How Do You Repair a Leather Car Seat?


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Repair a leather car seat by applying a leather filler to the seat's backing with a thin implement, such as a palette knife. For deeper cracks or scars, administer multiple layers of filler. Use a grain pad to match the texture of the filler with the rest of the car seat. Finish by rubbing on a leather dye that matches the color with the surrounding leather.

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Prior to beginning the repair, clean all the leather thoroughly to make it easier to identify all the damage. Look for dirt that is filling in a crack and disguising it. For burns, cut away the discolored area and glue a piece of canvas in the abscess.

Cracks, tears or indentations require between one and four coats of leather filler. Dry and clean the area between coats. After the filler's top coat is dry and level with the rest of the leather, match the textures and apply a vinyl-prepping material to ready it for the dye.

Before dyeing the repaired spots, test the dye on sample material to match the color. It may be necessary to mix multiple dyes to match the upholstery's color. Gently sponge the dye onto the dried filler and the surrounding area to blend the colors together.

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