How Do You Repair a Leak in a Power Steering Pump?

Fix a power steering pump leak by cleaning the area around the pump, locating the source of the leak, replacing or repairing the damaged component and checking for leaks. The exact process is not the same for all makes and models, but most processes involve this series of steps.

Make sure to begin working in a well-ventilated area that is free of hot materials or sparks, as power steering fluid may ignite. Cleaning the area around the power steering pump simplifies much of the process of locating the leak by allowing a clear view of the parts that make up the pump and its connecting hoses. Search for the leak by turning on the vehicle and spinning the steering wheel left and right while watching the pump assembly. The leaking area may take some time to appear.

Identify the source of the leak. Cracks or cuts in hoses or the seals connecting them to the power steering pump indicate these parts require replacement, and cracks in the reservoir or case are likely culprits also requiring replacement. Inspect all cables, metal lines and the rubber boots to ensure related seals remain intact. After replacing the seals or components, check for leaks using the same testing process to ensure none remain.