How Do You Repair a Kawasaki Prairie 360?

To repair a Kawasaki Prairie 360, first determine what the problem is, such as a faulty starter, engine misfires or an overheating engine. For a problem where the starter motor does not rotate, first turn the stop switch on and use an electric starter. Listen for a slow turn over, which indicates a problem with the battery. If it is slow, tighten any loose connections, recharge the battery or replace it if the damage is irreparable. Test the starter again.

For engine misfires, first check the amount of fuel in the tank, and refill the tank if it is not completely full. If there is enough fuel, check the fuel for watery or gummy consistency to ensure it is the right quality for operation. If it is not, empty the fuel tank and fill it with fresh gasoline. If this does not work, inspect the spark plug for faulty or loose connections, tightening them with a spark plug wrench. If the spark plug is the wrong color or appears to be damaged, replace it with a plug recommended by Kawasaki, such as the NGK DPR8EA-9.

Check the engine oil level, and refill low oil using an SAE 10W40 viscosity oil made specifically for this type of vehicle. If the engine is overheating, check the coolant level for both the reservoir and the radiator, refilling it if it is low. If the radiator is leaking or the cooling fan is not spinning properly, take the vehicle to a reliable repair shop or mechanic.