How Do You Repair a Hydraulic Jacks on a Motorhome?


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Examine the hydraulic jacks for the presence of grease fittings. Shoot some lithium grease using a grease gun into the fittings. Use a clean cloth to clean the jack rod, and then spray some silicone spray on it. Make sure not to use WD40. Try to rotate the jack so that the grease evenly spreads. Check the hydraulic reservoir, and make sure it contains sufficient fluid. If the hydraulic jacks aren’t fixed, take the motorhome to a certified motorhome technician.

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Motorhome hydraulic stabilizer jacks are stronger than the manual jacks. To prevent the hydraulic jacks from getting damaged, use them together with the manual screw jacks. In the absence of the manual screw jacks, always lift one complete end or one entire side of the motorhome. Doing this helps in avoiding twisting of the unit that causes damage to the structure.

The surface where the hydraulic levers get used matters. A concrete surface is the best. Blacktop or asphalt concrete can be used, but with caution. During high ambient temperatures, the weight of the motorhome concentrated on the small pads of the hydraulic jacks can form a depression in the asphalt concrete. Using the hydraulic jack system on a surface of soft dirt leads to it sinking into the ground.

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