How Do You Repair Holes and Rust on a Coleman Camper Roof?

How Do You Repair Holes and Rust on a Coleman Camper Roof?

Sealant and fiberglass repair screen are required to repair a leaking or damaged Coleman camper roof. A scraper and an old paint brush can be used to clean the roof and to apply the sealant. The repairs may take up to one day to allow the sealant to properly cure.

  1. Clean the camper roof

    Remove any debris from the camper roof with a soft brush, and use a scraper to remove any old patches or repairs. Do not punch through the metal roof while using a scraper.

  2. Apply rubberized sealant

    Small holes and seams can be treated with a rubberized roof sealant from any home repair store. Use the sealant according to the directions on the package, and ensure that the sealant covers at least 1 inch on all sides of the hole. Sealant can be used alone to repair small holes or leaking seams, while larger holes may be repaired with fiberglass repair screen.

  3. Apply fiberglass repair screen

    Larger holes can be fixed by using rubberized sealant around the perimeter of the hole and laying fiberglass repair screen over the hole. After covering the damaged area with fiberglass repair screen, apply a coat of sealant over the fiberglass and the surrounding 1 inch of metal.