How Do You Repair a Hole in the Muffler?

There are several ways to repair a hole in a muffler, such as welding, patching or replacing it. The least expensive way to repair it involves using a patch, while the most expensive and more permanent method is replacing the whole unit.

The muffler is designed to lower the noise produced by an exhaust system. When there is a hole in it, the muffler will fail and noise from the exhaust system will be much louder. This can actually cause a driver to receive a ticket. Muffler holes should be repaired quickly. The following instructions explain how to repair a damaged muffler.

  1. Clean the muffler
  2. Clean the surface area of the muffler. Remove any excess dirt or debris.

  3. Sand the area
  4. Use sandpaper to quickly sand down the metal. Attempt to make the metal as smooth as possible.

  5. Apply the patch
  6. Apply the patch and adhesive to the muffler. Make sure the patch completely seals the hole. Let the patch sit for the recommended cure time. If the hole is being welded shut, be sure to use the correct solder.

If the patch or weld does not hold, the muffler should be completely replaced. There are performance mufflers available that enhance the engine's sound and  increase its power output.