How Do You Repair the Headliner in a Car?

In order to repair the headliner in a car, the old one must be removed so a new piece can be installed. The headliner is held in place with several clips, as well as all the lighting accessories, sun visors and handles. All of these pieces need to be removed in order to access the headliner on a vehicle.

A basic headliner is usually made up of foam and an outer layer of fabric. The foam rarely fails unless someone accidentally damages it, but the overlaying fabric can sometimes sag and disrupt the view of the driver. There are several companies that make headliners which are produced to fit on stock applications.

Follow the steps below to replace a car's headliner.

  1. Remove the A-pillars and roof accessories
  2. Begin pulling off the trim pieces, lights and roof accessories. This includes the sun visors and dome lights.

  3. Remove seat belt covers
  4. This may be optional depending on the type of vehicle, but if the seat belts are on the roof, loosen and remove them.

  5. Remove the clips
  6. Pull off the clips holding the rest of the headliner in place and pull down the headliner.

  7. Replace the headliner
  8. Carefully align the new headliner into place. Position the clips, reattach the sun visors and reinstall the dome light along with the accessories.