How Do You Repair a Glove Compartment Door?

repair-glove-compartment-door Credit: RFarrarrons/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

To repair glove compartment door hinges, remove the door completely, install new hinges to the dash, and then affix them to the door. For lock and latch repairs, it may be possible to reverse the damage rather than install replacements by modifying the existing components with pliers or a screw driver.

Assess the damage to the glove compartment, and identify the root cause of the issue. For doors that no longer swing smoothly, check the hinges for obstacles such as papers or gum that are hindering its normal operation. If you cannot remove the blocks, or if the door does not connect completely to the hinge, remove the internal screws that connect to the door, and set the door aside. Take the hinges off the wall of the dash, and replace them with a new set. Reapply the door to the hinges, and test them to make sure the door closes properly.

If the door does not stay closed, examine the latch to see if the locking component is intact. Next, check the lock connector for erosion or breaks that prevent the mechanism from clicking into place. It may be possible to bend or alter some lock and latch systems to create a proper connection, though these may not hold permanently. To replace the latch, unscrew the internal pieces, and replace them with a new model.