How Do You Repair a Fuel Tank Leak on a Motorcycle?


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Remove the emblems, fuel taps and fuel cap, and clean the inside of the tank with a rust remover according to the directions on the product packaging. Plug the fuel taps, wrap the tank in clear plastic wrap and newspaper, rinse the tank with acetone, pour a recommended epoxy into the tank, roll the tank to ensure it is evenly covered in epoxy and allow the tank to dry for 48 hours.

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To plug the fuel taps, wrap a screw that fits into the tap with Teflon tape, and insert the screw into the fuel tap. Wrap the entire tank in a layer of plastic wrap, followed by a layer of newspaper and a second layer of plastic wrap. Cut a hole in the wrappings at the filler neck.

Protect the filler neck by wrapping tape around the perimeter of the neck, mix the liner epoxy and pour it into the tank. Cover the filler neck with tape to seal it.

Roll the tank in a circle, allowing it to rest for one minute on each side and its top and bottom. Pour the excess epoxy out of the tank, and set the tank in a position that prevents leaks from the fuel taps or filler neck until the tank is cured.

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