How Do You Repair the Front Axle of a Car?

Repairing a worn axle involves disassembly, cleaning, relubrication and installation of a new CV boot, but mechanics recommend replacing worn axles with new or remanufactured axles for modern vehicles. For a classic or rare vehicle, repairing a worn axle may be the only option.

Whether repairing or replacing an axle, the task will involve removing the damaged one and the front axles are almost always the first to wear out whether the vehicle is front or rear wheel drive. This task requires assorted wrenches and a ratchet with assorted sockets and extensions, a torque wrench, a metal tube for leverage, a jack and jack stands and a pry bar

Loosen the lug nuts on the wheel that connects to the axle, raise the vehicle, support it firmly on jack stands and remove the wheel. Loosen but do not remove the strut top bolts and sway bar end link bushings- these parts need not be removed if there is enough clearance for the axle to be pulled out. Remove the wheel side axle mounting bolts. Using a pry bar, separate the axle from the wheel. Gently pull or pry the axle away from the transmission or differential, being careful not to damage the oil seals where the axle and transmission meet.

Inspect the old axle and if it is being repaired, perform those repairs. If the axle is being replaced, transfer any o-rings or seals from the old axle to the new one that the new axle does not already have. Gently guide the new or repaired axle's splines into the transmission and then attach it to the wheel, replacing the mounting bolts and tightening any bolts that were loosened and replacing any parts that were removed.