How Do You Repair a Freeze Plug?


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In an emergency, if the leak is small and slow, repair a leaking freeze plug by adding a block sealant to the radiator of the car and following the sealant manufacturer's directions for using the product. This type of repair does not always work and has the potential of clogging other parts of the cooling system, so the correct way to fix the problem is to replace the leaking plug instead of attempting to repair it.

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Remove the old freeze plug using a hammer and a large punch. Place the punch in the center of the plug and hit it several times with the hammer, forcing it into the engine block. Use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to grab the plug and pull it back out of the hole before installing the new one. Use fine grit sandpaper to clean any corrosion or old sealant from the opening.

Purchase a new brass freeze plug to fit the car. While original equipment is steel, brass plugs do not rust or corrode, making them less susceptible to leaks. Ask about buying or borrowing a special tool for inserting the new plug when buying the plug. Apply sealant to the plug and use the tool to insert it into the engine block. If other parts block the opening, it is sometimes necessary to remove them to install the plug.

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