How Do You Repair a Ford Explore Power Window Regulator?


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To repair a Ford Explorer window regulator, the unit must be replaced, which requires removing the door panel to access it. The window regulator is located in between the door frame and panel.

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The window regulator's function is to lower and raise the windows inside a vehicle. Over time, the regulator can get damaged, resulting in issues when attempting to adjust the height of a window. The following instructions explain how to replace an automatic window regulator on a Ford Explorer.

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery to avoid accidental electrical shock.

  3. Remove the door panel
  4. Remove the door panel hardware and carefully pry it from the frame.

  5. Remove the vapor barrier
  6. Use a plastic pry bar to carefully remove the vapor barrier from the door.

  7. Disconnect the glass mounting bolts
  8. Secure the glass to the car door and disconnect the mounting bolts from the window regulator.

  9. Remove the electrical connections to the regulator
  10. Disconnect the electrical connections from the regulator and remove its hardware. Remove the regulator from the door through the access panel.

  11. Replace the regulator
  12. Install the new regulator and reconnect the electrical harness. Install the glass back onto the regulator, then stick the vapor barrier back onto the door. Fit the door panel, tighten it back in place and reconnect the battery.

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