How Do You Repair an Exhaust Pipe?


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Repair an exhaust pipe by removing the pipe from the vehicle and welding it at the break or by patching the hole using muffler repair tape or muffler repair putty. A steel can cut and rolled to the proper size and slid inside of the exhaust pipe is used to repair a broken exhaust pipe from the inside out when the break is in a difficult location.

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Repair a broken exhaust pipe with muffler repair tape by first cleaning around the break in the pipe so that the tape adheres to the exhaust pipe properly. When the outside temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, start the vehicle, and allow the exhaust pipe to heat up until it is warm. Remove the protective backing on the muffler repair tape, and snugly wrap it around the break location until it reaches a thickness of approximately an inch. Use wire, metal clamps or tape to hold each end of the repair tape to the exhaust pipe, and allow the car to idle for up to 20 minutes or until the repair tape completely fuses to the exhaust pipe.

Before welding a broken exhaust pipe, clean the pipe as much as possible, removing any flammable residue from oil, gasoline or brake fluid, as these can flare up during the welding process and cause a fire or injury.

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