How Do You Repair an Exhaust Flange?

How Do You Repair an Exhaust Flange?

A broken exhaust flange can cause other damage to your car by changing the flow of exhaust. To repair it, make sure that the broken pieces still fit in place and that there is not a large piece missing. If so, consider replacing the entire exhaust pipe. Repairing an exhaust flange can be done in one day and requires an acetylene torch, steel file, vise, brush and brazing rods.

  1. Clean the broken exhaust flange

    To repair the flange, it is necessary to thoroughly clean it with a brush to remove all rust, burned sections or other exhaust products. This also ensures that there is no oil or fuel in the section you are repairing. Once you have cleaned the broken parts, affix them back into place, and hold them together with a vise.

  2. Heat the parts using a torch

    Once the parts are tightly in place, use an acetylene torch to heat each side and repair the breaks in the metal. When the metal turns red, use the brazing rods to move the metal over the surface from one side of the break to the other. Once you have melded the break on one side, do the other side.

  3. Let the mended flange cool

    After you have melted the broken pieces together, let the metal cool with the vise still in place. Continue to shape, if necessary, using the torch and rods. Once the mended flange has completely cooled, remove any imperfections with a steel file, and remove the vise.