How Do You Repair the Driver's Seat in a Car?

Repairing the driver's seat in a vehicle involves different processes depending on whether the frame of the seat is broken or if the seat's movement is impeded and, if movement is impeded, whether the seat moves manually or with an electric motor. Most repairs require removing the seat, which is done by removing the seat mounting bolts, of which there are usually four.

If a seat's frame, upholstery or padding is damaged or missing, replace those parts of the seat. Most, but not all, automotive seats are at least two pieces and additional bolts are removed to separate the seat back from the seat bottom. Remove the seat cover and padding to get to the frame as needed, and replace the worn parts, replacing the padding and seat cover using adhesive if necessary.

If a manual seat is stuck, the problem is likely to be a foreign object that has fallen into the runners that move the seat forward and backward. Often, once the seat is removed from the vehicle, this problem can be solved with a flat head screwdriver and lubricating oil. It an electronic seat is stuck, replace one of the motors bolted to the seat bottom. Refer to your vehicle's owner manual to determine which motor corresponds to the seat's movement problem, and oil the runners and seat-back swivel on an electric seat to prolong the life of the seat's motors.