How Do You Repair Door Dings?

How Do You Repair Door Dings?

Repair small door dings by popping them out with a rubber plunger. Use glazing putty to repair larger dings or dents accompanied by chipped paint.

Before beginning any bodywork, always get an estimate from a body shop. There are many shops that offer inexpensive paintless dent repair, and given the learning curve for someone who wants to repair dents and dings themselves, these repair shops may be well worth the money.

  1. Purchase a plunger
  2. Buy a plunger from an auto parts or home repair store. These plungers are sometimes called "plumber's helper."

  3. Moisten the plunger
  4. Moisten the edges of the plunger and align it with the dent. Create suction by pushing the plunger into the dent and pulling it out.

  5. Keep trying
  6. Continue this approach until the dent pops out. It may take a few tries. Use this technique on steel and aluminum, but keep in mind that it will not work on plastic.

Stubborn and larger dents may require another technique. By using a hammer and a flat piece of metal, drivers may be able to hammer out small dents.

  1. Get a flat piece of metal and a flat-ended hammer
  2. Place the metal on the outside of the vehicle and pound out the dents from the underside. Work from the shallow sides of the dent to the deeper parts. Do not use this technique on aluminum or plastic.

Areas that have dents in which the paint has chipped may be fixed with glazing putty. Apply the putty with a putty knife and follow the directions on the package for best results.