How Do You Repair Dents Without Using Paint?


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The most common techniques for paintless dent repair utilize special tools such as body picks and metal rods to apply force from the underside of the body pan. Glue or specially designed adhesive pads are also affixed to damaged areas, allowing dents to be repaired from the outside of the panel. Applying heat to the dented panel can increase its malleability. Other devices such as a paintless dent repair light can allow for easier visualisation of deformed areas during repair.

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A number of methods are available to remove minor dents from a body panel where the paint surface is still intact. Paintless dent removal techniques are commonly employed to deal with hail damage, minor dings and creases, larger dents and bodyline damage. The flexibility of the paint and the extent of deformation that body panels have experienced may limit the effectiveness of these repair methods.

The paintless dent repair process involves assessing the damage and selecting the proper tool kit. Punctured panels and those suffering from extensive deformation may require a complete replacement. For minor dings and dents, tools are first affixed to the damaged area. Force is then applied to the tool through either a pulling or twisting motion until the dent pops out.

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