How Do You Repair Damaged Rims on Your Car?


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To repair scratched car rims, start by cleaning, sanding and scuffing around the damaged area. Then, tape off the wheel to avoid getting paint on the tire. Finish by applying primer, paint and a clear coat to the rim. Make sure to remove the tape after about 10 minutes.

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Cleaning the damaged area of the rim is important to remove any wax and silicone material that prevent the paint from sticking to the surface. Paint thinner is the best option to clean the damaged area and a small area around it. After sanding the focus area, it may help to apply spot putty to fill in any dents. Sand the area again after the spot putty dries.

Before painting, tape off any areas that should not get paint on them and cover the entire car with a sheet or other cloth. Then, apply primer to the damaged area, sanding down any areas that are bumpy after the primer dries. Repeat the primer application three to four times, making sure to clean any over-spray immediately using paint thinner. Paint the repair with a paint color that matches the other part of the rim. Finally, use two to three coats of clear coat to give the rim a glossy finish.

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