How Do You Repair Crank Windows?

How Do You Repair Crank Windows?

To replace a damaged crank on a manual window, the unit must be dismounted from its location and replaced with a new component. Damaged crank levers often cause the window to seem jammed; however, its malfunction is usually due to lack of lubrication from the lever to the window gear.

The following instructions explain how to replace a window crank lever on a car.

Tools required:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Cloth
  • Oil
  • Replacement crank lever
  • Plastic pry tool
  1. Access the window crank
  2. There are different types of window cranks on the market, and each type mounts to the door differently. Inspect the window crank to see how it is mounted to the door.

  3. Remove the crank
  4. Use the pry tool to remove the cap covering the crank's locking screw. Remove the screw and crank. Some models may only require a pry tool to remove the crank.

  5. Apply oil to the window gear
  6. Apply oil to the gear that connects to the window crank. Be sure to use a generous amount.

  7. Apply oil to the replacement crank
  8. Take the replacement crank and apply oil on its mating surface.

  9. Install the new crank
  10. Mount the new crank lever to the door. Make sure to mount it in the same position as the crank lever that was removed.

  11. Turn the new unit
  12. Hold the crank lever and turn it. The oil will help turn the window crank more smoothly.