How Do You Repair a Cracked Instrument Cluster on a Ford?


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You can't repair a cracked instrument cluster on a Ford. The best you can do is apply transparent tape over the crack temporarily while you order a replacement part and wait for its arrival. You can purchase a new replacement part from an authorized Ford dealership, or you can buy a used one from a local salvage yard or an online marketplace such as eBay

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Dashboard cracks are easier to repair, so if your dashboard was cracked along with the instrument panel, there are plenty of adhesives that can do the job, including cyanoacrylate, epoxy and Sugru. Of the three options, Sugru is the best to use because you can color mix it to match the color of the dashboard.

To use Sugru, open your Sugru minipacks, and knead the different glue colors with your fingers until they match the color of your dashboard. If you have a gray dashboard, buy white and black Sugru, and mix accordingly. When mixing colors, it is easier to start light to dark instead of the other way around. Kneading glue makes your fingers sticky, so wipe the extra glue off with tissue paper.

Second, press the kneaded glue onto the crack. Keep pressing until the glue completely covers the affected area. Make sure that the glue has an even surface, and flatten out any bumpy parts.

Third, wipe the glue with a soapy sponge to smoothen the surface. This gets rid of any light cracks and lumps on the glue as well as any fingerprints left behind. Leave the glue to cure for 24 hours.

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