What Repair Companies Will Adjust a Parking Brake?

Repair companies that offer parking brake adjustment services include Barnsley Tire Company and Firestone Complete Auto Care. Barnsley serves major parts of Colorado while Firestone operates widely in most U.S. states.

Both companies have not quoted the repair cost on their sites as of 2015, but have provided relevant contact details. BarnsleyTire.com estimates an average repair time of 30 minutes. As stated on the site, the repair procedure may involve replacing or lubricating parts and minor adjustments to the system. The company also offers relevant brake assembly inspection services for free.

Military.com provides a set of instructions and diagrams to aid enthusiastic car owners to adjust car parking brakes themselves. However, the site cautions that the instructions provided only work for cars with drum brakes on their rear wheels. The site urges uncertain car owners to refer to their service manual or contact their vehicle manufacturer.

According to Barnsley Tire, the three types of packing brakes that apply the ratchet locking mechanism include pedal, stick and center level. Each of these types banks on the driver's seat design. Parking brakes are independent of the car's hydraulic brake system, explains Firestone. The site warns against unnecessary use of parking brakes during regular driving, explaining that they are built for emergencies and may cause fatal accidents if wrongly applied.