How Do You Repair Chrome Rims?

To repair chrome rims the damage must be cleaned, filled and painted over. There are also expensive commercial options that require special machinery and materials to re-coat the chrome on rims.

Chrome plating is the process by which a specialist electroplates a thin layer of chromium on an object. This is the process which allows wheels to retain a chrome look. Chrome plating will repair any damage found on a wheel, but it is not practical for use a smaller scratches. The following instructions explain how to repair smaller scratches on chrome rims.

  1. Inspect the damage
  2. Carefully inspect the damage on the wheel. Use a fingernail to see how deep the scratches are. Smaller scuffs will not require extensive repair.

  3. Clean the wheel
  4. Use a rag and wipe off any debris from the wheel. Take a soft cloth dampened with alcohol and scrub the wheel. Depending on the severity of the damage, a deep cleaning may be all that is required. If the scratch is still there, continue unto the next step.

  5. Touch up the rim
  6. Use rim paint to touch-up the scratches on the wheel. The paint will blend the light scratches in with the rest of the wheel.

  7. Use epoxy on the deeper scratches
  8. When the touch up paint fails to hide the scratches, use an epoxy to fill in the gaps. The epoxy will flatten the area out and allow the paint to be evenly applied.