How Do You Repair a Caravan Suspension?


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To replace a leaf spring on a caravan suspension, loosen the lug nuts and elevate that side of the caravan with a jack. Remove the wheel, and then remove the leaf spring hanger, shackle and axle plate by taking off the bolts. Remove the old leaf spring, and install the new leaf spring by performing the instructions in reverse. Repair processes vary depending on the caravan and the suspension issue, but spring replacement is necessary after enough wear and tear.

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The type of suspension varies depending on the caravan, but a leaf spring suspension is common. The standard life span of a leaf spring is about 30,000 miles, although drivers may want to check them every 5,000 to 10,000 miles for damage, such as cracks. One sign of worn-out springs is when the rear end of the spring begins pointing downward.

If a spring breaks, the caravan sags on the corresponding tire. The springs used in caravan suspensions are durable, so broken springs are rare, unless the driver overloads the caravan, frequently takes it over rough terrain, or hits a bump at a high speed.

Suspension bushes are another component that requires replacement after enough wear and tear. To check the suspension bushes, press a small tool, such as a screwdriver, into the joint. The suspension bush should make moving the joint from side to side difficult.

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