How Do You Repair a Car Sunroof?


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In order to change a sunroof on a car, the headliner must be removed along with the entire sunroof assembly. The top of the vehicle should also be taped off to avoid any accidental scratches while the assembly in pulled out of the vehicle. This job is labor intensive and will require roughly 4 to 6 hours to complete.

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How Do You Repair a Car Sunroof?
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Although removing the sunroof assembly is relatively easy, the hard part of the process is getting to it. Use these following instructions to remove a sunroof from a car.

  1. Remove the headliner accessories
  2. There are several attachments on the headliner itself, which includes handles, sun visors and lights. Take the time to carefully remove each accessory, and be sure not to break any of the their mounting tabs.

  3. Remove the headliner
  4. Headliners on most vehicles are held in place by the accessories removed in step 1, as well as several small plastic clips. Use a clip removal tool and remove each one. Also be careful not to break them, as these clips will be required to reinstall the headliner.

  5. Disassemble the sunroof
  6. Take some masking tape and apply it to the roof of the car. Then, go inside of the vehicle, push the front seats back and begin dissembling the sunroof. Disconnect the roof motor, remove the side trim covers and driving motor mounting assembly.

  7. Remove the sunroof
  8. Go to the outside of the vehicle and pull the sunroof from the top of the car. Replace it, and reinstall the rest of the sunroof assembly.

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