How Do You Repair Your Car's Air Conditioning System?


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To repair your car's air conditioning system, check for any leaks in the unit's coils, and fix them using a leak sealer; refill the refrigerant if its pressure and level are less than optimum; and clean the unit's condenser. In addition, check for any damaged wires, blown fuses, dysfunctional switches or a broken fan belt, and replace them as needed.

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How Do You Repair Your Car's Air Conditioning System?
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To check for any leaks in the car air conditioner's coils, introduce a fluorescent dye into the unit via the low pressure recharge port present on the canister, and switch the unit on. Use an ultraviolet light source to detect any leaks. Purchase a refill kit, and use the leak sealer that comes with it to fix the leak.

To check the refrigerant's pressure and level, connect a pressure gauge to the hose of the air conditioner's compressor, and switch the unit on. If the reading obtained on the gauge is less than normal, have the refrigerant refilled by a technician.

If the auto air conditioner's cooling fan does not work, it indicates a clogged condenser. To fix this issue, clean the component using a duster. Lack of a humming sound when the unit is switched on indicates a dysfunctional compressor, which could occur because of damaged wires, switch or fuse. Check each of these separately, and replace the damaged parts.

In addition, disconnect the compressor wire that runs to the car's electric clutch, and connect it to the car battery's positive terminal. If a "cluck" sound is not produced, it indicates that the clutch is dysfunctional and needs replacement.

Test the air conditioner after every repair made. If these do not work, get the unit repaired by a professional.

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