How Do You Repair a Car That Has Been Keyed?

In order to repair a car that has been keyed, sand down the area around the scratch, apply a rubbing compound and polish. Minor scratches can be repaired using a paint pen instead.

Removing key marks from a vehicle's paint job can be done several ways.

  1. Fix a minor scratch
  2. If the scratch caused by the keying is more serious or deeper, choose another method. Minor scratches, however, can be fixed by first washing the area around the scratch. Then, apply a coat using the paint pen, let it dry and apply further coats as necessary. Apply a clear coat if required and then polish the area using a rubbing compound.

  3. Use shoe polish
  4. If the scratch is too bad to be repaired using the method above, use shoe polish. The color of the shoe polish should contrast with the paint on the car so that it is easily visible. Apply the shoe polish to the scratch.

  5. Sand
  6. Using plenty of water, sand the area until the shoe polish disappears. The sandpaper should be 2000-grit wet/dry.

  7. Apply the rubbing compound
  8. Now apply the rubbing compound to the whole area. Buff this out being careful not to go through the layers of paint. A polishing tool can be used, but it can also be done by hand. It should be finished by hand before applying car wax to the area.