How Do You Repair Car Handles?


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To repair exterior vehicle door handles, open the vehicle door, and remove the interior door panel. With the window rolled up, remove the plastic liner, and locate the access panel. Unclip the main control handle rod, and remove the rod from the lock arm. Remove the lock mounting bolts and door handle mounting bolts, and remove the door handle. Open the handle housing, remove the lock, and remove and replace any broken clips inside the assembly, and reassemble the door.

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The main control handle rod, lock arm and lock mounting bolts are located behind the main access panel on the vehicle's interior door, while the door handle mounting bolts are typically located on the vehicle's door frame behind a small access panel along the edge of the door.

After removing the door handle, use a small screwdriver to open the retaining clip on the side of the assembly to release the lock. Set the lock aside to install it in a new door handle, and replace any broken clips inside the handle housing.

To reassemble the door, hold the handle in place on the car door while tightening the mounting bolts, and replace the clip on the main control handle rod if it is broken or worn before reconnecting the rod. Install the lock mounting bolts, and replace the liner and door panel.

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