How Do You Repair a Car Dent?

How Do You Repair a Car Dent?

To repair a car dent, strip the paint from the affected area, mix and apply filler, sand the area, and finish by painting. The process takes about two hours and requires an orbital sander, body filler, hardener, a plastic mixing board, a spreading paddle, rags, polish, auto paints, painting supplies and safety glasses.

  1. Strip the paint

    Use an orbital sander and safety glasses to grind the paint off of the area to be treated. Be careful not sand too far into the metal of the car.

  2. Apply the filler

    Mix the filler with hardener on a plastic mixing board. Wear protective gloves while mixing. Aim for a 50:1 ratio of filler to hardener. Immediately apply the mixture to the dent using a plastic paddle and smooth strokes. Fill the dent completely, but try not to overfill the area.

  3. Sand the filler

    Allow the filler mixture to dry for an hour. Slowly sand the filled area until smooth and level with the surface of the car. Wipe off the dust with a rag periodically to check the progress of the sanding.

  4. Finish with paint

    Apply a primer coat to the affected area. Then apply light coats of the color-matched auto paint until the area blends with the rest of the car. Use polish on the area when the paint has dried.