How Do You Repair a Car Ceiling?

To repair a car ceiling, apply adhesive spray to the damaged areas and press the ceiling against the roof to ensure it sticks. All you need is a suitable adhesive spray and another person to assist if necessary. The repair of a car ceiling takes a minimum of 10 minutes depending on the size of the roof.

  1. Identify damaged areas

    Analyze the ceiling carefully and identify the damaged areas. Mark the areas that are falling apart and those that are about to fall off.

  2. Prepare the ceiling for repair

    Remove any devices mounted on the ceiling such as the dome-light and hooks for clothing sun visors. Scrap off the old adhesive, and ensure that the surface is clean. Use a piece of cloth and foamy water to clean the surfaces of the roof where the ceiling is damaged. Dry the areas thoroughly with a cloth, or leave the areas to dry naturally before applying the adhesive.

  3. Repair the ceiling

    Spray the adhesive spray on the inner surface of the damaged ceiling parts. Rub the ceiling onto the roof, and make sure that the adhesive spray sticks. Wipe away any amount of spray that overflows to the outer side of the ceiling.