How Do You Repair Broken Automobile Glass?

Repair broken automobile glass by using a windshield repair kit, which uses alternating cycles of suction and pressure to force adhesive into the crack or chip while removing trapped air. Windshield repair kits only work on small chips and cracks and should not be used to fix long cracks.

Long cracks in a windshield are unrepairable, meaning that the entire windshield glass has to be replaced in these cases by a trained professional. Any chip that goes into the glass perpendicularly to the surface or at a slight angle may be able to be repaired. To repair small chips, follow the steps below.

  1. Purchase a repair kit
  2. Find and purchase a repair kit at auto parts stores or at Wal-Mart. Loctite makes a reliable windshield repair kit, notes

  3. Clean and dry the glass
  4. Clean the glass using acetone or lighter fluid. Be sure it is completely dry and as close to room temperature as possible.

  5. Peel the adhesive off the strip
  6. Peel the adhesive off the precut strip and place the strip onto the chip or small crack. Use a blunt object to press the strip flush with the chip.

  7. Place the adapter over the strip
  8. Position the adapter onto the chip and attach the syringe to the adapter.

  9. Pull the syringe handle out to create a vacuum
  10. Pull out the handle and hold it in place for a full minute.

  11. Let go of the handle
  12. Let go of the handle abruptly. This forces the adhesive into the crack.

  13. Repeat the procedure
  14. Repeat this procedure six times or until the crack is full of adhesive.

  15. Remove the adapter and syringe
  16. Remove the adapter, syringe and adhesive sheet.

  17. Clean off the residue
  18. Allow the adhesive to set for a few hours. Clean off the residue with a paper towel moistened with rubbing alcohol.

  19. Shave off any protruding adhesive
  20. After the adhesive sets, use a razor blade to remove any leftover bits of adhesive.