How Do You Repair a Broken Air Conditioning Hose on a Car?

In order to repair a broken air conditioning hose on a car, replace it. Air conditioning hoses are made to be leak free, so the safest way to ensure a leak-free product is to completely remove and replace the hose.

There are two main hoses on a standard air conditioning system, both of which use specialized steel fittings at the ends of the lines. These fittings are there to prevent any refrigerant from leaking out of the system.

The air conditioning system on a car uses a compressor to keep the refrigerant pressurized throughout the system. If the line is too weak, it might break open and leak, causing the air conditioner to stop blowing cold air. Use the following instructions to replace an air conditioning hose on a vehicle.

  1. Evacuate the air conditioning system
  2. Properly evacuate the A/C system. Failure to use the correct machine is illegal, as releasing refrigerant into the air is highly toxic.

  3. Locate the hoses
  4. Find the damaged hoses inside the engine bay and remove them from the vehicle.

  5. Install the new O-rings
  6. O-rings are what seal the hoses to their connections. Replace the old O-rings and install the new A/C hoses.

  7. Refill the refrigerant
  8. Spray new refrigerant into the A/C system.