How Do You Repair a Boat Window?


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To repair boat windows that are leaking around the window frame, remove the windo, and clean the window frame thoroughly. Apply bedding material, such as caulking, to the window frame. Insert 3/32-inch shims along the edge of the window, between the bedding material and the window, before tightening the window to the frame with clamps. Allow the bedding material to cure, remove the shims and tighten the windows to the frame.

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To repair a bedded window that is leaking, remove the window and clean the window frame and other surfaces that touch to the window with an alcohol-based cleaner. Install 3/32-inch wooden shims along the back of the glass and secure the shims with a small amount of silicone caulking. Allow the silicon to cure and apply the bedding material.

Set the glass into place immediately after applying the bedding and allow the bedding material to cure for the recommended amount of time. Do not allow the glass to touch the frame, as this prevents the bedding material from sealing the window properly. Tighten the screws on the window lightly.

Remove the excess bedding with a razor after it cures, remove the shims and tighten the screws on the window a second time. To repair hatch frames, use the process recommended for repairing bedded windows.

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