How Do You Repair a Blown Head Gasket?


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To repair a blown head gasket, drain the coolant, remove the relevant components to access the gasket, detach the cylinder head and clean it, replace the blown gasket head with a new one, and replace the parts. To avoid a possible electric shock, disconnect the battery before attempting this task.

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Start by gathering necessary tools and materials, including a screwdriver, a drain pan, a torque wrench, a service manual and a new head gasket. Gather socket wrenches and coolant as well. Then, loosen the drainage valve, and drain all the coolant from the radiator into the drain pan.

To access the gasket, undo the relevant bolts with socket wrenches, detach the air box and intake hose, and remove the air-conditioner compressor. Unscrew and remove the water-pump hose clamp, undo the bolts that secure the alternator harness in place, and place the alternator over the radiator hoses. Detach the lines that connect to the air conditioner.

Remove the cylinder head by loosening the bolts that secure it in place, referring to the service manual as needed to ensure proper loosening sequence. Take off the blown gasket, and Insert the a new gasket head in the place of the old one. Clean off any dirt from the cylinder head, set the cylinder head over the new gasket, and tighten the cylinder bolts with a torque wrench according to the manual. Finally, replace all the previously removed parts, secure them, and refill the radiator with a new coolant.

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