How Do You Repair Auto Leather?

How Do You Repair Auto Leather?

To repair auto leather, trim torn edges, clean the area, apply a patch, gently sand the edges of the patch, dye the patch and treat it with leather conditioner. This four-hour procedure requires nail clippers, scissors, a leather patch, a soft cloth, warm water, a towel, sandpaper, adhesive, leather dye and leather conditioner.

  1. Trim the edges

    Use nail clippers to clip jagged, torn edges of the leather.

  2. Clean the leather

    Dip a soft cloth in warm water, and clean the damaged area of leather. Blot it dry with a towel.

  3. Trim and apply a patch

    Trim a leather patch to fit the damaged area, apply leather adhesive to the back of the patch, and press it over the damaged leather. Give the adhesive several hours to dry.

  4. Sand the patch

    Sand the edges of the patch with fine sandpaper. Move the sandpaper gently and slowly, touching as little of the surrounding leather as possible.

  5. Dye the patch

    Blot the patch with a small amount of commercial leather dye. Give the patch time to dry according to the directions on the dye package.

  6. Apply leather conditioner

    Treat the patch and surrounding leather with leather conditioner. Apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions, and do not touch the leather until the conditioner dries.