How Do You Repair Auto Dents With Dry Ice?


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To repair auto dents with dry ice, inspect the extent of damage to ensure the method is applicable to the damaged area. Items necessary for the repair include dry ice, ice gloves, a hair dryer and a role of aluminium foil. Heat up the dented area with a hair dryer, and place the dry ice on the dent. The chilling effect of the ice pops the dent without damaging or scratching the paintwork on the vehicle.

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For best results, the damaged area should be free of paint damage. The method works on the thin metal panels found on the hood, doors, trunk and fenders. Gently heat the panel with a hair dryer to avoid damaging the paintwork due to overheating.

Use the aluminum foil to insulate the paint from excessive heat produced by the dryer. Do this for about three minutes until the surface is warm. Alternatively, park the car in the sun to allow the dented surface and surrounding area to warm up.

Insulate the panel with the aluminum foil, and apply the dry ice on the dent using a gloved hand. Move the ice around the area to cool the panel. The change in temperature causes the dent to pop; make several attempts to produce the desired results if needed.

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