How Do You Repair Aluminum Rims?


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Repair aluminum rims by cleaning them, removing any deep dings, sanding the damaged spots and applying the necessary coatings. This process is simple and requires a few basic tools and materials available at most auto supply stores.

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Clean and prepare the wheel using a wire brush or chisel to remove any built-up road grime. Visually inspect the wheel for damages. If the damaged areas are just scratches, use sandpaper to smooth them over. Gradually increase the sandpaper to finer grains until you can no longer feel the scratches. Use a file to remove any burrs before sanding.

Larger dents or dings may require a hammer and a set of punches to pound the aluminum back into its original shape. In the case of gouges or deep grooves, it may be necessary to use a metal epoxy resin to fill the voids. This resin molds easily, but make sure it is completely cured according to the product's directions before using. Sand the damaged area smooth in the same manner as before.

When the surface is smooth to the touch, apply an appropriate base primer. Once the primer is set, you can apply paint and any clear coatings to match the original finish.

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